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Morisset Spinners and Weavers Inc

Morisset Spinners and Weavers Inc

Morisset Spinners and Weavers IncMorisset Spinners and Weavers IncMorisset Spinners and Weavers Inc

Exhibitions/Interesting Sites

Altitudefarmstore is offering workshops for alll type of crafts. 

www.altitudefarmstore.com and look under workshops. You can also look at our Facebook page Altitude Farm


Other Groups with similar interests:

Morisset Spinners and Weavers is an associate group of the NSW Handspinners and Weavers Guild: www.nsweave.org.au/.
We exchange newsletters with the: Central Coast Handweavers, Spinners and Textile Arts Guild: www.cottagecrafts.net.au  andWeavers Forum: www.weaversforum.com

We have a group on Ravelry:


Sites you may find interesting:  A range of sources our members use include:

Facebook:  There are many groups on Facebook dealing with spinning and weaving. Many of us follow:
Australian spinners and weavers chat &Buy Sell Swap
UrbanGypZ Fiber Arts Collective
Anna Gratton NZ

Weaving drafts and illustrations

Fibre and Equipment:-
Virginia Farm http://www.virginiafarmwoolworks.com.au/
Petlins spinning and weaving supplies : www.petlins.com/
Bendigo Woollen Mills:
Kaz Madigan: curiousweaver.id.au
Buster Bay EFS End feed Shuttle: www.BusterBayWoodworks.com

Fibre and yarns:
Anna Gratton:
Knit Picks: http://www.knitpicks.com
WEBS: www.yarn.com
Handweaver: www.handweaver.us
Retrocloset (eBay wool) Country Yarn Direct:
Cotton Clouds : www.cottonclouds.com
Jane Stafford Textiles: www.janestaffordtextiles
Yoika Oy: info@toika
A Yarn Story: hello@yarnstory.co.uk
Yarn Barn of Kansas: www.yarnbarn-ks.com
Arty and Crafty: coxon867@optusnet.com.au
Halcyon Yarns: www.halcyonyarn.com
Sweet Georgia Yarns: www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com
The Woolery: www.woolery.com
Colourmart: www.colourmart.com
Eurestex: www.eurestex.co.uk
R&M Yarns: www.rmyarns.com
Lunatic Fringe Yarns: www.lunaticfringeyarns.com
Catnip Yarns: www.catnipyarns.com
Giovanna Imperia: www.giovannaimperia.com
Habu Textiles: www.dairing.com.au
John Marshall: www.johnmarshall.to.blog.page
Georgia Yarn Company: www.handweaver.us>georgia.yarn.co
Treenway Silks: www.treenway silks.com
Village Spinning and Weaving: www.villagespinningandweaving
Paradise Fibers: www.paradisefibers.com
Dharma Trading Co: www.dharmatrading.com

Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Stitch a Day
Crochet create dream inspiring.