Hand dyed, ready for spinning
September 2017

Above left: Four tea towels woven by Ken, using the same warp, with different lifts and weft colours.
Above right: Sue's handspun, one plyed with blue, the other with green.

Above: Marge, Beverley, Carol and Lorraine have been spinning the yarn which went through the picker
Saori scarf in reds and yellows, woven by Lorraine, using some of her handspun from the picker day.


Trudi-spinningTop left: Helene's knitted scarf
Top right: Helene's fine knitted wrap with beads
Left: Lorraine's saori scarf


Above: Trudi's handspun.
Right: Lorelle wearing Lyn A's Saori woven jacket.
Below: Rag weave with random wool weave buttoned wrap woven by Lyn A.
Below right: Vest woven by Lyn A


August 2017

​​​​​​​       Above: Lorraine's 3 tall bangalow baskets.
          The centre one is one metre tall.

Basket making: Gill front, Lorraine rear   


Lorraine's woven Saori jacket              


July 2017


Above: Vest, woven by Gill for her granddaughter
Above right: Lorraine with 5 metre length of Saori weaving to be made into a jacket


Left: Gill's handspun and dyed camel and silk woven into a scarf
Above: Helene's knitted shrug
Below: Jean's handspun camel



June 2017


Above: Anne Mac made her first handspinning effort into a cushion.

Left: Marilyn knits lots or squares for charity rugs. Franciine put these together, made carry bags for them, and took them to a gratefukl charity.

Right: A few items brought in on June 20. Lots of spinning and knitting involved. Thanks Anne D. Jean, Dawn and Lorelle.

Below: Lynne A needed a jacket for a special occasion, and wove this on her Saori loom.

Left: Carol modelling a ruana woven by Lorraine.

May 2017

                                                                     Above Right: Lynne does not stop weaving, even when she is out on the boat!

Above: Gill's handwoven silk noil scarf
Right: Weave-it square jacket Gill made for her grand-daughter

Left: Anne D's weave-it square rug from natural coloured handspun wools

Right: Anne D and Julie knitted beanies and a scarf


April 2017


March 2017

Left: Anne D wearing her handspun and knitted jumper.

Right: Gill's yak and silk scarf.

Lower Right: Carol's silk scarf in plain weave.


Left: Helene's lace knitted shawls about to go to the Royal Easter Show

Right: Gill is modelling a Saori cowl woven by Lorraine

Above:Tracey's hand dyed, spun and knitted mittens.      Above: Lorraine and Lorelle attended a basketry workshop

February 2017

Lorraine-silk-and-wool-scarfTop Left: 
Marie's Saori Weaving

Sarah wearing the scarf she wove at Workshop

Top Right:
Anne Mc wearing the scarf she also made at Workshop

Centre Left:
Lynette's felted double sided scarf

Bottom Right
Tracey's Obre Dyeing

Above :
Lorraine's Wool and Silk woven scarf.

January 2017


Above Left:  Tracey's hand dyed braids
Above Centre:  Gill's Silk handwoven scarf
Right Upper:  Beanie knitted by Beryl
Right Lower:  Beanie knitted by Lynette Beanies  
Above: Sue wearing her handspun, handknitted wrap
Right: Dawn crocheted this baby rug from her handspun fine merino

November 2016
Anne_D_vest,_mats_and_yarnRight: Maria wearing her first Saori Scarves
Below:  Lorraine with bead leno Cowl
Left:  Ann D wearing her Alpaca Vest.  
Linen and Camel Mats.

Linen Face Washer

Above:  Marge wearing her handspun coze vest (two crochet rectangles)
Below:  Carol's first bead leno attempt.  Handspun Sari Silk Weft


 Ken's scarves from same weft, wet fulled differently

Lorraine's clasped
weave saori cowl


Left:  Lynne modelling three  of her Saori garments

Right:  Ken's clasped weave scarf

Lower Left:  Gill's knitted cowl using pattern from Edel McBride, Ireland

Lower Right:  Tracey's multi coloured dyed rovings

October 2016

Above: Ken wove this large floor rug on his 6 shaft floor loom.

Below left: Carol borrowed Lorraine's Saori loom for a couple of weeks to see how she liked Saori weaving. She had a very creative time and can't wait to buy her own Saori loom.
   Below right: Sarah joined our group a short while ago, and was keen to try her hand at weaving. This is her first piece - a lot better than most of us manage at our first attempt!


Below: Gill and Helene went on a knitting study tour of Ireland. These are some of the samples and workshop creations they brought back.

September 2016


Above: Two of Julie's creative wall hangings.
Right: Tracey was a competent crocheter when she joined our group. She has finally mastered knitting, and completed her first knitted garment - a jacket for a friend's baby.


Above: Handspun vest knitted by Anne D, using the "Two rectangle" pattern.
Right: Handspun alpaca scarf knitted by Anne MacD


Ken has woven a series of cushion covers using rug wool.

Centre pattern is overshot.

Experimenting with clasped weave and button fastening with fringe.


Jacket Handspun and Knitted in garter stitch by Marge

Top Right:
Fine handspun Alpaca scarf knitted by Helene

Lower Right:
Indigo Dyed cushion cover sewn by Julie

August 2016

Lyn has been cruising around in the warm waters of Queensland and was inspired to make a large rug using a variety of techniques - weaving, knitting, crochet, felting etc. 
Her inspiration came from the seashore.

On the right is her granny square jacket she also made while away.


 Natural Coloured Handspun Alpaca Rug - woven on Weave-it-Square Loom by Anne D.
Fine Silk Scarf woven by Nerida

Left: Hounds Tooth Woolen Scarf woven by Carol

Right:  Slippers and Mittens by Tracey.
Beanie by Julie
Dyed Roving

Left: Handspun and Crochet Baby Rug by Tracey

Right:  Handspun and Dyed Downs Fibre by Carol

July 2016

Top Left:  Knitted Necklace - Beverley

Top Right:  Scarf and Beanie - Helene

Bottom Left: Finger Knitted Necklaces by Julie

Bottom Right:  Booties Knitted by Lynette

Skein - Downs Fibre Spun and Dyed by Carol

Saori Weaving

Left:  Mantle using Yarn spun by Helene, Woven by Gill and Sewn into Mantle by Lorraine.

Right:  Mantle woven using commercial and handspun yarn - Lorraine

Friendship Rug 
12 Weavers each wove a square for each participant.  Warp and tabby were cotton and each particpant chose their own weft fibre this one is wool and crochet together with iron on facing for backing.

June 2016

Saori Wrap woven by Marie

Lower Left:
Headband, Mittens and Bowel knitted by Sue

Top Right:
Saori woven Wrap by Gill and Two Plain Woven Scarf with Pattern Inserts by Ken.


Bottom Right:
Knitted squares made into bag by Marilyn



May 2016

      Above Right:  
 Ken's handwoven scarf offwhite mohair on a wool warp.

IMG_0843Above: Shawl knitted and designed by Helene


Above: Anne D jacket made using weave it squares each with an individual design.  Scarf and beanie also knitted by Anne.

Right:  Amelia wearing poncho and beanie crochet by Dawn

April 2016
This amazing blanket was crocheted by Liz Woods. 
She explains: The blanket was made as part of the 2013 Janie Crowfoot Crochet Club. Janie is a UK designer, and her 2013 Crochet Club design was inspired by Persian and Moroccan textiles, rugs and architecture using a palette of blues, reds, oranges and terracotta. It was Janie's previous club designs and the 2013 colour palette and design inspiration that convinced me to join the club. The yarn used is Rowan Cotton GlacÚ (sport weight) and the beads, No. 6 Debbie Abrahams Beads. The beads were added as the blanket was crocheted. 

This was my first large crochet project. I worked on it between February and December that year from monthly pattern postings. I learned new lots of new techniques, ways of using the basic stitches and how traditional doily patterns can be transformed with the addition of colour and integrated into a larger project. I loved adding the beautiful beads to the design and the great online support throughout the project to help me with explanations and new techniques.

Left: Liz Also made these balls.
Right: Tracey wearing a wrap she knitted from her handspun.


Left: Necklace knitted by Anne D.
Right: scarf knitted by Helene.

Far Left: Downs wool spun by Jean.
Left: Beanie knitted by Jan


Right - Beanie & Crochet Linen Tablemat - Marge

Right -Marge's vest knitted from her handspun.

Right- Selection of Silk and Wool Fibres purchased at Salamanca Markets, Hobart.

Far right -Beanie made by Myf for Knitting Exchange 

March 2016

Left - Two items in freeform crocheted by Lynne A. 

Right - Capelet knitted by Lynne A. in unspun roving

Left -
Inkle Weaving - Gill

Scarf in Solomons Knot - Dawn

Weave It Square Bag using Dog Hair - Gill

Singles Overspun - Myf

Pink & Brown Spun Wool - Tracey

Beanie on Frame - Marge


Left - A Mohair wrap woven by Ken

Right - A Saori piece woven by Marie

January and February 2016

Left: Rag rug, woven by Ken

Right: Hot water bottle cover- knitted by Mwyf, table runner - woven by Tracey, beanie- knitted by Marge, scarf- crocheted by Carol


Left: Mantle, woven by Lorraine
Right: poncho, woven by Lorraine


October and November

Right: Ken's bead leno and boucle weaving



Left: Vest knitted by Helene

Right: Tea towels woven by Gil

Right: Table runners woven by Ken, using Fibonacci sequences

Left: Child's top, knitted byJulie  

Right: Saori style weaving

September 14, 2015


Silk Skeins dyed for weaving - Gill

August 26, 2015
Plain Blue Scarf - Ken

Fabric Length - Lorraine

August 18

Skein & Weaving - Lorraine

Felted Hat

Alpaca Vest - Helene

July 7, 2015

Show_and_Tell_7July2015_Jan_Marge_JohanneCram Pot Dyeing - Stacey and Myf

Skein is by Jan  beautifully spun and presented.

Balls ready for knitting spun by Marge from her Biggest Morning Tea Raffle Prize

Red Crochet Top was made for Joanne by her Grandmother. 

 Done in crochet with Bullion Stitch and an inspiration to what we can achieve with patience.    Johanne was never without one as she grew up.

June 30, 2015
Blue Wool and Silk skein,  Beanie,  Scarf and Fingerless Gloves spun from Camel and Wool by Helene

Green skein by Lynette

Inkle braid left by Joan

Inkle braid with letters by Gill

June 23, 2015

Saori_Weaving_by_MarieSaori Weaving by Marie

Lichen_Experiment_by_TraceyLichen soaking in Ammonia, Vinegar have given varying shades of Red.  Some have to soak longer before colour will show. Experiment by Tracey.

Show_and_Tell_Anne_DAlpaca Jumper
Wool Weave it Squares made into Lavender Sachets. 
Wool Beanie and gloves by Anne D.

June 18, 2015

A Tapestry beautifully done

 This was a 2 year labour of Love by Carol
for her granddaughter.

June 16, 2015

Show_and_Tell_16June2015Saori Scarf - Lorraine

Scarf Exchange Twill Scarf with Clasped Weft feature- Gillian

Lined Leno Woven Poncho for 8 year old - Gillian


April 14, 2015

Shawl - Helene

Table runner - Lorraine

Bikini - TraceyLorelle_P1010278

April 7, 2015

Felted Vest - Lorelle

Lorraine_P1010276Woven Basket - Lorraine

LynP1010267Knitted Jumper - Lyn

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