Lyn's handwoven jacket

Programme for 2016
January 2016

19th  - Bring in Morisset Show Items 

19th - Spinning Study Group - Distribute Silk

February 2016

9th - Members Stash Buster Sales

16th - Spinning Study Group - Silk spinning techniques

23rd - Weaving Study Group - Elaine will demonstrate 
Inlay Techniques 

March 2016

1st - AGM 10am
Mini Workshop - Spinning Wheel Ratios

4th - 6th - Newcastle Show

8th - Members Stash Buster Sales
Scarf Exchange Fibres to be Posted to West Wyalong

11th - The Gathering - Hosted by Central Coast Group
Bus will be provided

22nd - Spinning Study Group - Silk project completed
29th - Weaving Study Group - discuss inlay samples we have done.


5th - Mini Workshop - Crocheting

12th - Members Stash Buster Sale

19th - Spinning Study Group - Downs Breed

26th - Weaving Study Group - looking at Double weave
Warping Loom


3rd - Bus Excursion to Feltfine

10th - Members Stash Buster Sale

17th - Spinning Study Group - discussion on spinning Down fibres

31st - Biggest Morning Tea 
After Lunch -Weaving Study Group
Look at Double Weave samples already completed


7th - Mini Workshop: Inkle Loom 
We will be weaving Bookmarks - Patterns &Yarn Supplied|
There will be a Small Cost for yarn

14th - Members Stash Buster Sale
  Followed by discussion on how to Present items for sale 
labels and other requirements for exhibition

Revision and next Pattern Inkle Loom

21st - Spinning Study Group - Finished articles

28th - Weaving Study Group
Discuss completed samples - Painted warp and weft.


5th: Mini workshop - How to use Ravelry Demonstration

12th: Members stash buster sale day

19th: Spinning Study group - Bamboo

26th: Weaving Study Group
 Finish Double Weave and discuss painted warp/weft


2nd:  Mini workshop - Reading Knitting Patterns from Graphs

9th: Members stash buster sale day

11th:  Bus Excursion to Kurrajong Open Day North Richmond

16th: Spinning Study Group - Techniques and discuss proposed projects

23rd:  Committee Meeting 12.30pm

30th: Weaving Study Group


6th: Mini workshop - Dyeing cotton with Dri Marine K dyes.

13th:  Members stash buster sale day

20th: Spinning Study Day - Finished Projects - Bamboo

27th: Weaving Study Group - Bead Leno


4th: Mini Workshop - Weave It Squares

11th:  Members stash buster sale day

18th: Spinning Study Group - discussion of our latest spinning projects

22nd:  Wangi Centenary - Demonstrations

25th:  Weaving Study Group - Discussion of bead leno projects, and looking at clasped weave ideas.

29th - 30th - Excursion to West Wyalong
Scarf Exchange Exhibition


1st:  Mini Workshop - Blocking completed works

8th: Members stash buster sale day

15th: Spinning Study Group - English Leicester

22nd:  Committee Meeting 12.30pm

27th: Cooranbong Public School Fete - Demonstrations

29th:  Weaving Study Group  -  Bead Leno & Wet Finishing


6th:  Clean up day

13th:  Christmas Lunch

Our Workshops and activities for 2015 included

December 1:  Clean-up at the hall day.

Our last meeting day

December 8:  Christmas lunch

December Weaving or Spinning Project
Stash Buster - Complete unfinished project from earliest work


November 24:  Weaving Study Group
Discussion on Rag Weaving and Practical


November 3:  Mini Workshop
How to prepare entries for Show - Jean

November 17:  Spinning Study Group
Completed items Anna Gratton's Fibre


October 6:  Mini Workshop on Knitting

October 20:  Spinning Study Group - Discuss new Fibre
Anna Gratton's Fibre  containing
 70% Corriedale Wool, 20% Silk, 10% Nylon Glitter

October 27:  Weaving study Group
Remove Rainbow Samples off Loom


September 1:  Stash Buster Sale 10.30am - 12pm
Spindling - 12.30am to 2pm

September 15:  Spinning Study Group - Alpaca Finished projects

September 29:  Weaving Study Group


August 4:  Morisset Spinners & Weavers Display, 
Demonstration & Presentation
 at Morisset Library

August 11:  Bring in 2015 Scarf Exchange to be posted back to 
West Australian Spinners Guild

August 12:  Felting Workshop with Sandra McIlveen

August 18:  Spinning Study Group - Spinning Technique

August 25:  Weaving Study Group


July 7:  Introduction to felting

July 14:  Set up Display in Library
Please bring in items for display.  
Remember they need to fit in the Library Display Cabinet.

July 21:  Spinning Study Group - Alpaca
Preparation and proposed projects

July 28:  Weaving Study Group 


June 2:  Inkle Loom Mini Workshop

June 16:  Spinning Study Group - Finished projects
Alpaca will be the next Fibre
Our Speaker is Karan Tan from Bonatan Alpacas

June 23:  Committee Meeting

June 30:  Warping the 8 shaft loom


May 5:  Mini-tutorial – Natural Dyeing with Asa Walquist

May 19:   Spinning Study Group - Spinning Technique

May 26:  Biggest Morning Tea
Weaving Study Group – Designing a warp


April 11:  Open Day for Newcastle Spinners & Weavers

April 14:  Working Bee, Kaz Care Squares
Materials:  Darning Needle & Crochet Hook

April 17:  Bus Trip to Feltfines with demonstration of
Carding, Needle Felting Machine Dyeing.
 Lunch stop followed by visit to Morpeth.

April 21:  Spinning Study Group – Mohair samples
 and proposed project

April 28:  Weaving Study Group – Colour


March 3: Annual General Meeting

March 3: Mini-tutorial, Entering the
scarf exchange, Helene

March 6-8: Stitches and craft show at 
Rosehill Racecourse

March 9: The Gathering

March 10: Display of current projects Morisset Library

March 14-15: Liz Calnan studio open day

March 17: Spinning Study Group 

March 24:  Weaving Study Group – Planning

March 27: Entries close for the 2015 scarf exchange


Feb 16: U3A Public meeting

Feb 17: Bus trip to Gosford Regional Gallery

Feb 28: Oh so blue Indigo Day at Batik Oetoro

Feb 28, Jan 1: Freeform knitting and crochet
with Prudence Mapston at Burwood


Activities involving other groups

May 5:  Entries close for Geelong scarf festival

May 23,24:  Bathurst fibre

July 4:  Sydney Guild Open Day

Indigo dyeing day
About nine of us joined a few other people recently for an indigo dyeing day at Batik Oetoro, a specialist Dyeing outlet in Gateshead. We all came loaded with things to dye - garments tied, wrapped and stitched, fabric folded and wrapped in all sorts of fun ways, and even fibre as well. Everything turned out blue, of course, but so many different hues of blue.  Everyone was thrilled as they unwrapped their items, and hung them on the line to oxidise and allow the colour to develop before being rinsed. The table for Show and Tell, the following Tuesday at our meeting was groaning with beautifully dyed items.

Saori workshop
Six weavers from our group spent two days at a Saori workshop at Old Bar, near Taree in September. Run by Kaz Madigan, of the Curious Weaver studio, the workshop was inspiring and creative. We all enjoyed the freedom of mixing colours, fibres and textures to produce very individual pieces. The pre-warped Saori looms we worked were simple in design, yet highly perfected with Japanese craftsmanship. They allowed the weaver to progress quickly, while developing a range of designs and elements. It was all such fun!

Back to Back Masters at Merriwa:
In 2000 Morisset Spinners and Weavers competed in the world wide Back to Back championship to find the team who could spin fleece and knit it into a jumper in the quickest time - the fleece being shorn as part of the competition. We completed the task in 6 hours, 17 minutes and 9 seconds. Four years later some of the Morisset group joined with the Merriwa group to form the Merriwa Jumbucks for the competition. The group won in record time of 4 hours 51 minutes and 14seconds. This has remained the unbeaten world record since then, ans is in the Guiness Book of records.

On June 7, the Morisset team returned to Merriwa to compete again. Being 10 years older (except for one new member) the teams did not attempt the world record again, and chose to knit a child's jumper as the end product rather than an adult jumper.

The teams were given 4 hours to complete the jumper. The shearer used blade shears to shear the sheep - a dying art these days, and then the spinners and knitters got busy. The Merriwa team finished first. But alas they had sewn the sleeves in backwards. The Morisset team despite some equipment problems finished soon after, and took the prize for the most soft wearable jumper. A great day was had by all, and $4000 was raised for children's cancer research.


Birthday lunch:
On March 25 we celebrated our 30th anniversary with a fun lunch at Morisset. Members Tracey and Myf, ably assisted by Jan excelled themselves with the catering. Lots of fun and laughter prevailed.
Four members, who have been with us since the group started were awarded life membership. They are Gill Mould, Beverley Timms, Hazel Cashman and Jean Piddington.

Morisset Show 2014
Lots of entries were submitted again for the Morisset Show. Our group sponsored a new prize, the Geraldine McCullcoch award. Geraldine, who was a very competent spinner and knitter, and winner of many prizes, died in September 2013. The award which honours her is for the best entry in the spinning and weaving section. It was won by Lorraine Banks with a fine handwoven silk scarf.

January 2014: Another 2 day weaving workshop
Liz Calnan spent another two days in Morisset teaching us a variety of four shaft weaves and techniques. Eight members participated in a round robin with 11 looms available to try different weaves. The four members who started weaving a few months ago are now more confidant and competent, thanks to Liz's teaching skills and encouragement. Thanks Liz.
Left: Liz showing Gil The colour and weave warp on Nerida's loom.

Right: Anne Scanlon warped her loom with an undulating twill, and we all got to weave some of it
Photos: Tracey McFarlane 


 Microwave Dyeing
Lorraine and Gil ran a microwave dyeing workshop on Nov 5. Using Landscape dyes, we experimented with a variety of techniques - plain dyeing, painting a warp, multi-colour dyeing of fleece and handspun yarn.

Great fun was had by all.

Beaded Knitting
On Tuesday September 3, Margaret Thompson ran a beaded knitting workshop for our group. Margaret brought along many items she has designed and made, which were an inspiration to us all. In no time we were all knitting away, placing beads  in the work to create interesting effects. Thanks Margaret for such a great workshop.

2 Day Weaving workshop with Liz Calnan
A dozen members spent 2 consecutive Tuesdays learning how to weave, or how to improve our weaving skills. Four were completely new to weaving while the rest had some level of experience. The enthusiasm was great, and Liz was an amazing teacher who handled our varying skill levels with great ease. The newcomers are now totally converted to weaving.

  Above left: busy at work on our looms Photo Margaret Thompson
  Left, and above right, some of the completed scarves from the workshop. Photos Anne Scanlon


Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show2013
Several of our members submitted items to be judged at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show.
Jean Piddington received second prize in two classes for her fine handknitted shawls. She also won first prize for fine spinning. Lynette Hall won with her felted jacket illustrated in our gallery page.


Success at the 2013 Royal Easter Show:

Three of our members fared very well with their entries at the Royal Easter Show.

Helene Tay
Helene_awardslor received first prize for a knitted ladies shawl, 4 ply or less. She also won the Margot Chick award, the Frances Binnie award(which is for the best item in the entire arts and crafts section), a Standard of Excellence award, and a special award for her work.

Jean Piddington received a First Prize for a skein of fine wool. a First for a mohair scarf, a 2nd for her handspun shawl, and a Highly Commended for her mohair.

Lynette Hall received a Highly Commended for her felt jacket.

Salt resist silk dyeing:
Gil Mould ran a workshop on February 5 demonstrating the use of salt to resist dyeing of a silk scarf.

Left: after spreading the dye on the scarf, Gil then sprinkled coarse salt randomly on the fabric. When it had  dried and was pressed, the finished             scarf had a delicate colourful design (above right.) 

Morisset / Lake Macquarie Show, February 2013:
Many of our members exhibited their recent work in the 2013 Lake Macquarie Show. 

Lynette Hall won the Championship ribbon in the spinning and weaving section with her felted jacket.

A fine silk scarf woven by Lorraine Banks was one of the prize-winners in the weaving section.

Blocking and Finishing:
Our November 2012  Mini-workshop, the last for the year, involved Jean demonstrating how to finish and block woolen items, a process many of us overlook when we complete our knitting or crochet. A fine shawl for example can look mediocre when taken off the needles, but after it is blocked it can be twice the size, with the pattern showing up beautifully.

November 9: Bus trip.
19 of us enjoyed a trip to the National Clothing and Textile museum at Maitland, the broom maker at Morpeth, and FeltFine at Dunns Creek, where we spent lots of time drooling over the choices in front of us, and then finally deciding what to buy. It was a great day out.

John Wright, broom maker

Kamachi Flowers:
In September Helene ran a workshop making Kamachi Flowers.
Spinning workshops: 
During May Gil Mould ran a series of spinning workshops. The course, over four weeks included Preparing your fleece for spinning, worsted spinning, woollen spinning, and plying and finishing processes.
The course was well received and gave a lot of our newer spinners a better understanding of the craft. 



On April 24 Beverley Timms ran a small workshop on using a daisy wheel. P1090619web

Between the Mountains and the Sea: a Gathering of Fibre groups
More than 75 people attended our Gathering in Morisset on March 13, 2012. Groups came from all over the region, including the Central Coast, Newcastle, Maitland the Wollombi area, Port Stephens, and Clarencetown. The fashion parade was the feature of the day, with dozens of amazing creative items paraded. 
Far left: Even Marie's guide dog Lochie joined the fashion parade.

Left: Sandra McIlveen modelling a jacket made by one of the creative women from the Wollombi Valley


Booties from 2 squares: On September 28, Geraldine taught a technique for making a pair of baby booties from 2 knitted squares.

Broomstick crochet: On September 28 Gill Mould taught us how to do broomstick crochet:

The process starts with a crocheted string of chain stitches. Then loops are made through each chain stitch around the broomstick. The process finished with double crochet into the large loops.


On September 21 Geraldine gave a Mini workshop:
Mattress stitch seam is worked on the front of the fabric. Stitches are made between the first and second stitch at each end, under the "ladder" between the stitches. Take the thread under the bar, then across to the other piece, going under the bar as before. Cross back to the first piece, insert the needle into the same space as it came out, go under the bar and cross over as before. After about six stitches, pull the thread firmly to tighten up the stitches, then continue as before. I always leave a tail about six inches at the beginning to finish off afterwards.

Back Stitch Seam.When I knit stocking stitch I always knit the first and last stitch on the purl row for two reasons.
1. It creates  a little “pip” on the edge, which makes it easier for counting rows.
2.It creates a firmer edge to the piece of fabric.To sew up, put right sides together, matching the pips. Take the needle through the pips and back into the space between the pips. Come forward to the next pair of pips, come through them and back into the space. You are working on the edge stitches. This helps to keep the seam even.          

Entrelac On Tuesday September 12 Jan taught us the tricks involved in entrelac knitting. Once you know how to  pick up and decrease stitches, make the triangles and rectangles AND keep track of the colours, there's nothing to it! However, I quickly discovered that I needed to concentrate on the purl rows to avoid making my rectangles go in the wrong direction. Sue T

entrelac-jumperJan knitted this jumper in entrelac

Warped and Twisted exhibitionAugust 20/21, 2011.
Our exhibition in August was a great success. Over 500 different, items were on display, filling the (quite large) Morisset Memorial Hall, with colour and style. Although the weather was less than pleasant, hundreds of people still came through the door. 

Photo: Lorelle Calvert

Fibrefest: Dobell HouseWangi, June 2010
Our second Fibrefest exhibition on the 2010 June long weekend at the former home of Dobell House of artist William Dobell brought us lots of visitors and lots of sales.

         Photo: Lorraine Banks

Competitions:A number of our members have taken out prizes at major competitions. Geraldine McCulloch won First Prize for a handknitted, lace knitting baby bonnet knitted on 2mm needles from fine handspun wool which was an entry in the Bothwell competition for the longest thread knitted from 10g of fleece at the 2011 Bendigo Sheep and Wool show. She also won 2nd prize for a skein of wool from merino tops, and 3rd prize for a skein from English Leicester fleece. We participate every year at the Morisset Show, and at many other regional shows, as well as the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Jean Piddington (spinning, knitting and weaving), and Elaine Fletcher (weaving) are also regular competitors. Two of our members were part of the team which won, and broke the world record at the international Back-to-back competition in 2004.
Morisset Spinners and Weavers Inc. PO Box 186, Morisset, NSW 2264 Australia.                
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