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Morisset Spinners and Weavers Inc

Objectives: To bring together people who practice the crafts of handweaving and spinning, and associated crafts, such as dyeing and felting, and for such other purposes as the association may hereafter determine.

Principal activities: Promotion of the objectives of the association in the form of workshops, social activities and community involvement

Membership : is due on January 1 each year, and fee is such as has been determined at a General Meeting. New members are required to fill out a membership form, which will be signed by two members. A fee is then payable. Members are reminded that we are a large and diverse group, so courtesy to fellow members is expected.

Meeting Days: The association meets each Tuesday from 9am to 2pm at the Salvation Army Hall, Station St, Bonnells Bay. A Christmas break is taken each year the last meeting in the hall is the first Tuesday in December, and a Christmas Party is usually held on the second Tuesday in December. Meetings re‐commence on the second Tuesday in January.

Procedure on meeting days: The president convenes an information session where any developments and information which may be of interest to members is presented. Members then display and discuss their work. Workshops and miniworkshops may also be held.

Annual General Meeting: is held on the first Tuesday in March. This is the only formal meeting held each year where committee members/office bearers are elected, and any motions relating to the running of the association are debated notice of these must be given in advance, in the Notice of Meeting.

Committee Meetings: Are generally held three times a year. The Committee may appoint sub‐committees for specific purposes, if required.

Library and Equipment: may be borrowed by members for a fee which has been previously determined. Borrowers name and details of the loan must be entered in the loans book, which is on the table during meetings.

Website: Information about our association, activities, and a gallery of our work can be found on our website




January 2017

10th: First day back
17th: Stash Buster
24th: Spinning Study
31st: Weaving Study Group
Weaving Workshop with Liz Calnan
21st January and 4th February

February 2017

7th: Bring in items for Morisset Show
Committee Meeting after lunch
11th and 12th: Morisset Show
14th: Items will be returned from Morisset Show
Stash Buster Sale
21st: Spinning Study Group - Discussion on Border Leicester
For Display Purposes please bring list of proposed Exhibition Items
28th: 11am - Mini Workshop on Saori Loom
12.30 pm - Weaving Study Group - Fulling


March 2017

7th: AGM 9.30am
After AGM The Gathering is being held at Morisset Baptist Church
Theme - Colours of the Birds.Take with you any items for challenges.
14th: Stash Buster Sale
21st: Spinning Study Group - Colour Exploration - Design - bring your ideas
28th: Weaving Study Group

April 2017

2rd: Saori Workshop with Kaz Madigan
(Workshop Full)
4th: Lindy Boshler who is an Ashford Dealer.
Will demonstrate Carding and will have products for sale...
11th: Stash Buster Sale Day
18th: Excursion to Feltfine -
We then go the Old Dairy at Wyong for lunch and visit the chocolate and cheese factory.
After lunch we will have a discussion about Colour exploration in lieu of our normal Spinning Study group meeting.
25th: Bring Wheels - Spinning Morning
Weaving Study Group


2nd: Speaker - Sallyann from Womens Refuge
Drawing of Raffle for Friendship Rug

9th: Mini High Tea

We are helping the Cancer Council's fundraising campaign again by holding a
Mini High Tea at the Hall from 10:00 am.

We will also be preparing rosters for our exhibition - demonstrating, catering for the opening etc. etc

May 16th: Distribution of Exhibition price Tags and inventory sheets.
Finalising rosters for demonstrations at the exhibition, and afternoon tea on opening day.
The Spinning Study Group meets after lunch. This month we are starting to work with camel fibre.
May 23rd:
Exhibition Preparation- Assistance with pricing items if required. Final distribution of price tags and inventory sheets.
The Weaving Study Group meets after lunch. We will continue the round robin project playing with Crackle weave and Overshot.
May 30th: Bring in Items for Exhibition


June 6: Mini-workshop: Crochet basics> Dawn will be teaching the basics of crochet, how to do the simple stitches, and to read a pattern. Bring a crochet hook and some suitable yarn.

Morisset Spinners and Weavers Exhibition


at the Old Fireshed Gallery, Wollombi
10am to 4pm on June 3,4, 10, 11, 12.

June 13: Stashbuster sale day. Bring in any items from your stash you would like to move on, and buy something you can use from someone else's stash. 10% of sales go to the club.
June 20: In the morning unsold items from the exhibition will be returned to their makers, along with a cheque for the items sold.
The Spinning Study group will meet after lunch, and participants are asked to bring in their spun samples of the camel fibre we are currently working on.

June 27: Weaving Study group meets after lunch. Bring along what you have been working on. We will also look at the latest items being woven on the club loom which has been warped with the crackle weave/overshot pattern.

July 4: Mini-workshop: Helene will be demonstrating a "Knit one below" knitting technique. Bring two contrasting colours of yarn and appropriate sized needles.We will also have our stashbuster sale that day, as we have a guest speaker the following week, when it would normally be held.
July 11: Rod Byatt will be giving a presentation on braiding. He will bring lots of samples and styles of braiding, and talk about their construction and purpose. If people are interested we will organise a full day workshop with Rod in the near future.
July 18: Spinning Study Group meets after lunch. Participants will bring in their completed camel projects.

July 25: Weaving Study Group meets after lunch. As well as our usual round table discussion on our recent projects, we will be looking at differnet finishes and fringes for woven items.


August 1: Mini-workshop - Dyeing the fleece we were given, in preparation for putting it through a fibre picker.
August 8: Stash buster sale day. Bring in items That are clogging up your fibre space and move them on to someone else who can use them. And briing some money in case someone brings in something you want.
August 15: Spinning study group - for the next few sessions the group will be investigating the spinning of flax.

August 29: Weaving Study Group. This month we will be looking at different looms and how they work.


Sept 5: Mini-workshop - Using a picker to semi-cardfleece. Lyn Abbott will bring the Central Coast Group's fibre picker and show us how it is used. We will work with the fleece we dyed at the August mini-workshop.
Sept 12: Committee meeting
Sept 19: Spinning Study group. Participants will bring in samples of the flax they have spun in the past month.
Sept 26: Weaving Study Group: we will be learning hohw to use the club's recently acquired McMorrin balance, and looking at several sources which help us find wraps per inch of various commercial yarns


Oct 3: Mini workshop. Dawn will show us how to read, interpret and understand crochet patterns.
Oct 10: Stashbuster sale day.
Oct 17: Spinning study group - completing our study of flax. Participants will bring in their completed items.

Oct 22: The Knitters Guild will be holding their annual Fibrefest at the Sisters of Mercy Convent, Singleton. For more information follow them on the Facebook site Fibrefest 2017.
Oct 24:
Weaving Study group.
Nov 7: Mini workshop, after Show and Tell: Helene will be showing us how to knit Fair Isle patterns. If you wish to participate, Helene suggests you cast on about 20 stitches, and knit a few rows prior to the workshop commencing. You need to bring knitting needls and two colours of suitable size yarn.
After Lunch: Rod Byatt will run a
braiding workshop from 12:30 to 2:30. He will provide foam discs for us to work with (and keep), and some 4 ply cotton yarns. You may bring your own yarns if you wish - at least two colours. We will make a scissors-keep using a variety of basic braiding techniques. If you have a favourite pair of scissors you want to use the Keep for, bring them along. A needle and thread may be useful if you complete the braiding and want to finish the item.
There is no charge for this workshop, but numbers are limited, so if you wish to reserve a place, please email us at at by the morning of November 6.

Nov 14: Stash buster sale day.

Nov 21: Spinning study group.
Nov 28: Weaving study group.


Due to issues at the Hall where we have been meeting for over 33 years, we have moved our meetings to the Meeting Room at the Morisset Showgound. We hope you join us there. Details of how to find it see next page.

Dec 12: Christmas Lunch: This will be held at Tall Trees, Kings Road, Martinsville.

Morisset Spinners and Weavers Inc. PO Box 186, Morisset, NSW 2264 Australia.                
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