Above: Mwyf's knitted hot water bottle cover won first prize at the local show
  We have moved to a new larger meeting room, at:
Salvation Army Meeting Room,
158 Station Street, Bonnells Bay

November 2018
November 13: Lynne H will be running a nuno felting workshop. To give participants pleanty of space, it will be held at the Morriset Showground Function Centre, commencing at 9:00. Cost is $20. Please put your name on the list if you would like to attend. Lynnette will provide materials (for a small fee), or talk to her if you want to bring your own materials. It should be a fun, creative day.
November 20: Spinning Sudy Group
November 27: Weaving Study group
December 2018
December 4: Last meeting day for 2018
December 11: Christmas Lunch at The Deck, 242 Watkins Road, Wangi.


 Recent activities

January 2018

January 9: Meetings at the showground resume
January 16: Spinning Study group - Bring in what you have done with your Shetland wool.
January 23: Committee meeting after lunch.
January 30: Weaving Study Group

February 2018

February 6: Bring in entries for the Morisset Show
February10 and 11: Morisset Show
Feb 20: Spinning Study group.  Final day for Shetland projects.  Cotton study will commence with a discussion about cotton led by Mwyf and Liz
Feb 27: Weaving Study Group

March 2018

March 6: Annual General Meeting 10:00am
March 14: Visit to Feltfine - we are car pooling for this morning outing. Meet at the Showground, and we will depart about 9:30. As well as adding to our stash, we will have morning tea at Feltfine, before returning to the Showground by lunchtime.
March 20: Spinning Study group
March 27: Weaving Study group

April 2018

April 3 and April 10: Rod Byatt will teach us how to make temari balls.

If you have booked for these two workshops, remember to bring: pair of small scissors (or, ideally, thread snips); tape measure; needle with a big eye and a sharp point (Birch chenille or any tapestry-type needle only with a sharp point) - eye big enough to take Pearl Cotton 5. 

April 17: Spinning Study groupLast day looking at Cotton. Hopefully everyone will have a handspun cotton item to show.
April 24: Weaving Study group

 May 2018

May 1: Mini workshop - Stick weaving -  The Men's Shed have kindly made us a batch of sticks for stick weaving. If you are doing this mini-workshop with Lorraine bring along a crochet hook small enough to go through the hole in the top of the sticks. If you have any rug wool you would like to use, bring it along.  Otherwise, Lorraine will bring a collection for you to buy at mates rates, and the proceeds will go to our building fund.

May 9, 10, 11, We depart on Wednesday May 9, in a mini bus we are hiring, to take all seven of us on our excursion to Blue Mountains, Bathurst, Orange and Gulgong. We will be back home on Saturday May 12, ready to be spoiled on Mothers Day!

May 15: Spinning Study group
May 29: Weaving Study group - we are looking at various knots used by weavers

June 2018
 June 12:Mini Workshop - Beverley will be demonstrating needle felting
June 19: Spinning Study Group - bring in the yak you have been spinning
June 26: Before lunch - We will have two Piccolo looms and two rigid heddle looms set up for you to try your hand at weaving Art Yarn.
June 26: Weaving Study Group - (after lunch) We will be looking into Shibori weaving, and deciding on projects to do.
July 2018
July 3: Mini workshop - Navaho plying. Bring your spinning wheel and a some singles you have spun on a bobbin, and try your hand at this simple method of plying. Tutored by Helene and Anne D.
July 17: Spinning Study group - bring in your completed Yak project. The next project we are doing is looking into working with singles.
July 24: Stashbuster sale day.
July 31: Weaving Study group - Will we all have completed a Shibori Weaving sample ready for gathering and then dyeing? Bring them in.
August 2018
August 7: Mini workshop: Mwyf and Gill will show how to change colours in circular knitting without the change being obvious. If you wish to learn this technique, bring in some circular needles on which you have circular knitted for about 2 cm. Also bring a couple of different coloured yarns to work with. 8 ply is probably the easiest to use for thhis workshop.

In the afternoon the Weaving Study goup members who have a woven Shibori piece to dye will be meeting to dye it.
August 21: Spinning Study Group - ways of working with singles to create different effects. Bring your spinning wheel and some fleece/fibre ready to spin.
August 28: Weaving Study group.
September 2018
September 25: Weaving Study Group
October 2018
October 23: Stashbuster sale day
October 28: Bus trip to the Fibrefest at Singleton
October 30: Weaving Study group

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